Dear  readers of Alsmarya medical journal:

Alsmarya medical journal is under patronage of Alsmarya university. I would like to introduce the journal to our respected readers of medicine,  this is the first issue of our medical journal  from the university  hoping our journal will be highly useful for  our junior and senior staff working in the field of all medicine in our region  ,and we  hope the journal with its new medical knowledge will be useful for doctors and paramedical personnel working  any where in the world   and will be useful for  all doctors following the recent in medicine , our journal will cover topics of medicine , including original , research , review article and  rare case presentation ,  we welcome doctors and paramedical staff  to publish their work in our journal. Publishing research work is the way to spread the medical knowledge among  medical and paramedical personnel  and will benefit and improve their medical information and skills , and at the same time will be beneficial to  the  patients.


Dean of  Alsmarya medical school


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